Random thoughts


Am I afraid of war? am I afraid of people asking me why I didn’t the boring tasks? am I going to be in fear whenever I am in new places, meeting new people? Should I be in deep fear because I want to do what I like to do? should I be in constant fear of “did I satisfied the assholes I really do respect”? Am I responsible for fulfilling other random people satisfaction? How long should it take for me to realize that I should not give a fuck? When is the checkpoint that I stop fearing and start living? should I wait for the checkpoint or should I mark this moment as the checkpoint? Am I waiting for someone to save me and say me this is checkpoint? Is anyone care about my future? Is anyone other than me is responsible for my future? how many struggles, daydreams, and nightmare should I pass? what should I do? Why I can’t tell people NO in their face? what am I afraid of?

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