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Why every minute is not important and making thing `Done` is nonsense

Imagine you are a software developer of any sort, people usually from managerial point ask you if you are a good finisher? if you can overtake every second to finish a task no. shit-000456 in a reasonable time, so they can make it live quicker, show it to customer/end-user quicker, collect money faster. that done word and minutes are just there because of money, aren’t they? But let’s find out if they really do matter. (they not)

Imagine you are in a race, you, alone in a race track so call Nurburgring. The goal is to go more rounds in 1 year, 2 years or 20 years (I believe these numbers are the real number for a real hot software), you can collect money from the moment you take a step forward, you postpone you step forward, you gain less and lesser. So, what would you do? Start running? Hire more runner? Build a team of runners? multi-runners?

What if you take your time, forgetting about those greedy teams and build a team of engineers who can make you a car? a fast one, even a slow one, even a bike, bicycle or skate. then what would happen in 10 years? those runners are maniacs who think can beat a supercar by running early.

I strongly believe the same example is true in the software development world, you see some ideas pop up really quick and collect some money and then disappear, but some come later and stay longer and longer. when Instagram got popular, there were tons of other social media. when Google started to be a search engine, there were already search engines. When WhatsApp, Telegram or Discord started to get fame, there were similar platforms.

My point is that something beyond making things done and working quickly matters, I think that’s quality. If you do what you can do really good and with highest standards, you can put yourself in the market and grow, and enjoy your end result, no matter how crowded it is.

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