Breaking Bad Season 2 – Opinion

I think we saw a transition from a normal ordinary people waiting for death time shifting to facts and reality and where we live, someone realized why they don’t have to follow stereotype life type and be another one who no ones care about. someone may say this dehumanization process, but we should ask ourselves what does this human means? just act like living piece and then dreaming about what we want to be?


Breaking Bad Season 1 – Opinion

I really didn’t want to watch a new series, but I just started to watch Breaking Bad in 2019, Almost 10 years after the release.

The first thing that I kept in my mind was that it happened in 2008, so lots of tricks won’t work nowadays. like you just can’t smash someones’ car in a gas station and walk away, security camera CCTV are almost everywhere with the highest quality you can find on the market.

The second thing was cellphones; those folding old school cellphones brought lots of memory of how much fun it was for me to fold and unfold them. (Never owned one though)

The best part is the story itself, and how detail oriented it is, it seems every character and scene is well thought, and the narrative is distinct, Which is a good thing, But how many people dare to do anything for their family on their 50 like that?

One thing I couldn’t figure out is why all men characters are always shaved up, they stayed overnight awake, working or running or something but they still look like freshly shaved.

Nowadays AI/agents are obviously monitoring our calls and movement for any suspicious activity, They even scan our face on the street. I hope I get a chance to see Walter do his business on Tor using Cryptocurrency, there was a taste of it in Mr.Robot series.

Hope the series on season 2 to be good as this season, I can give it 9 out 10 for season 1.