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National Geographic History – Feb 2016

edificeA building, especially a large one – عمارت
obscurityThe state of not being known or remembered – گمنامی، تیرگی
oasisA peacful or pleasant place that is very different from everthing around – واحه، آبادی یا مرغزار میان کویر
intrigueTo make secret plans to harm someone or make them lose their position of power – فتنه، دسیسه
QuestA long search for something that is difficult to find – بازجویی، جستجو
ExpeditionA short journey usually made for a particular purpose – سفر، هیئت اعزامی
Toppleto take power away from a leader or goverment, especially by force, overthrow – واژگون کردن
ConquestThe act of getting control of a country by fighting – پیروزی، تسخیر، غلبه
Gruesomevery unpleasant or shocking, and involving someone being killed or badly injured – مخوف، نفرت انگیز، مهیب
Conquistadoresone of the Spanish conquerors of Mexico and Peru in the 18th century –
DeityA god or godess – خدایان